Two-Way Radio Services in Janesville, WI

Bandt Communications specializes in two-way radio services in Janesville, WI, and the surrounding areas. Call us when you are looking for products and services such as:

☑ New Sales of Motorola and Kenwood Portable Radios, Mobile/Base Radios, and Repeaters
☑ New Sales of All Radio Accessories, Such As Speaker Microphones, Power Supplies, Power Amplifiers, Antennas, and Coax Cables
☑ New Sales of All Radio Batteries and Chargers
☑ New Sales of Public Safety Voice Pagers, Such As the Minitor VI and Unication Pagers
☑ Service and Repair of Two-Way Radios and Associated Equipment (i.e. Power Supplies, Amplifiers, and Antenna)
☑ Two-Way Radio Programming, Tuning, and Duplexer Tuning
☑ Installation Services
☑ FCC Licensing or Renewals
☑ Radio Rentals
☑ Wide Area Radio Service Hosting

**Industries Served: Public Safety, Business, Industrial, Schools, Transportation, Hospitality, Special Events, and Construction

Vehicle Installation

We provide lighting and accessory installation on police vehicles, fire vehicles, ambulances, tow trucks, personal vehicles, construction vehicles, boats, bikes, ATVs/UTVs, and more. Turn to us for:

☑ Emergency Lighting Systems
☑ Emergency Light Controllers
☑ Radio Consoles
☑ Siren and Siren Speakers
☑ Push Bumpers
☑ Mobile Video/Data Systems
☑ Prisoner Transport Solutions
☑ Prisoner Partitions, Gun Locks, Cargo Boxes
☑ K9 Transport

** Brands Installed: SoundOff, Feniex, Havis, Gamber Johnson, and Setina

Kenwood Two Way Radio
Kenwood Two Way Radio