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Bandt Communications Two-Way Radio Communication Janesville WI & Rockford IL

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Bandt Communications Two-Way Radio Communication Janesville WI & Rockford IL
Bandt Communications Wireless Technology / Two-Way Radios / Vehicle Outfitters Rockford IL
Bandt Communications Ambulance Vehicle Outfitting Services Rockford IL

Ambulance Vehicle Outfitting Services

Bandt Communications provides extensive options for outfitting your ambulance. Whether your ambulance needs an electrical upgrade or you are outfitting a whole new vehicle, we are able to handle any and all builds. We have experienced technicians with years of knowledge and the necessary skills to provide the highest quality services for your ambulance.

We understand the important of the work of our EMT clients. We know that you are counting on every piece of equipment in the vehicle to be working properly in order to safe the lives of the people in our community. This is why we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service with top of the line products so your ambulances are reliable and safe.

Our ambulance vehicle outfitting services include:

  • Main circuit boards
  • Master On/Off Switches from Manual to Solid State Automatic Timed
  • Switches
  • Solenoids
  • Relays
  • Switch panels
  • Rocker switches
  • Breakers
  • Heavy battery cable
  • Wire harness
  • and more
  • Ambulance Vehicle Outfitting Services
    Veteran Owned Business Janesville WI/Rockford IL
    Veteran Owned Business Janesville WI/Rockford IL


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    Bandt Communications located in Janesville, Wisconsin, is the areas premier vehicle outfitting company to choose. We cover Rock and Winnebago County, plus Rockford, Illinois. Areas include Rock County: Beloit WI, Edgerton WI, Evansville WI, Janesville WI, Milton WI; Winnebago County: Menasha WI, Neenah WI, Omro WI, Oshkosh WI, Winneconne WI, and Rockford, IL.

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